Outreach Opportunities

As Unto Me

We believe we are blessed to be a blessing. God’s blessings should not stop with us but should flow through us. As Unto Me is a yearly outreach at Crosspointe church.

During the year you can nominate a deserving person or family who owns their own home. The family selected will have their home repaired and remodeled as a blessing to them.

The Big Night

The Big Night

One of our favorite events of the year is THE BIG NIGHT.

The entire night is spent giving foster care families a night to relax, have fun, eat, and get ready for the coming school year.

In the Summer of 2021, we were able to give 231 backpacks, 1,138 full sets of school supplies and 200 pairs of shoes.


Our next Big Night event will be held in 2024!

Birthday Box Outreach

It’s true that there are children and youth right here in our community that may not hear the words “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” on their big day.

Our desire is to serve all kids in foster care and our focus is on kids that may not typically have a birthday celebration. We want to send the message loud and clear through the birthday box that “YOU ARE WORTH IT” and “YOU ARE LOVED”.


Taking a mission trip lets you see the world through God’s eyes. You will gain a fresh perspective about the work God does in local communities throughout the world. That new view will make you more aware of the different cultures and misconceptions about where you are serving. With a deeper insight, you will return home transformed.