Adult Ministries

Men on Purpose

Crosspointe Men’s ministry seeks to empower men to live up to their full God-given potential.

Our goal is to teach men how to become a Man on Purpose by sharing the tools and promises that God has stated in His word, and to then live that purpose out loud.



HER women’s ministry is a community of women from different backgrounds and seasons of life that live in authentic relationships with each other.

We believe every woman is uniquely designed by God and gifted for a specific purpose. We encourage, challenge, and help one another to walk in the freedom and the fullness that Jesus died to give us.


To promote the growth and development of women into strong, powerful, and courageous followers of Jesus.


To empower and equip women to fulfill their God-given purpose.

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Crosspointe Couples

The couple’s ministry exists to mentor, encourage, and guide couples to the solid foundation of Christ. We use Biblical teachings as well as powerful testimonies to strengthen, restore, and grow you and your relationship spiritually.

We believe that God gave us marriage as a gift and He can strengthen, rebuild or restore it no matter what we have done to tear it down. All we have to do is turn ourselves and our relationship over to Him.

We laugh often, shed tears on occasion and support each other through it all. We would love to connect with you today.


To build strong relationships and marriages with a foundation in Christ.


Mentor, encourage, and provide support for couples through Biblical teaching and guidance.

Life Recovery

In Life Recovery we believe a healing community creates an opportunity for purposeful encounters with Jesus. God designed us for connection – for relationship.

We want to inspire lasting change for long term success in recovery through relationships with God and others facing similar life challenges and struggles.

We believe Life Recovery is a process that starts when awareness and desire to find a better way to live result in a willingness to surrender to God.

We provide an environment to heal, to love, and to be changed by learning how to love God, love people, and love ourselves.


To create a healing community focused on recovery in every aspect of a person’s life.


Mature believers, passing the baton, finishing strong.

We are a community of people nearing retirement age or above, identifying with Crosspointe Church and its mission.

With the intent to advance the Kingdom of God, we will encourage individual’s growth in their faith journey with fellowship opportunities, church involvement, Bible study, and prayer.